Adirondack Chair Cushion


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Available Size: (Fits most wood or plastic/resin style Adirondack style chair)
20″ X 50.5″ X 2″
Hinge location: 29″

Cheap Patio Cushions is our name. However, we offer the highest quality in affordable Adirondack chair cushions that are hand made to order and still up to 70% cheaper than all other Adirondack chair cushion retailers. Our budget friendly Adirondack chair cushions are designed to fit in any patio furniture sets! We make and ship economical Adirondack chair cushions that are a great accessory to any outdoor or indoor patio furniture cushion design.

Our patio furniture Adirondack chair cushions are not only affordable and durable, will certainly enhance the look of your furniture and provide affordable comfort to fit any indoor or outdoor patio furniture set.

How can we make such high quality, hand made, to order Adirondack chair cushions and still save you up to 70% compared to other Adirondack chair cushions retailers?

In short, we have exclusive access to Sunbrella® overstock and discontinued fabrics and we pass that savings on to you, our customer!

Our Adirondack chair cushions are made in the USA and are manufactured by Gold Crest Industries, Inc., in Ontario, California. Gold Crest Industries has been manufacturing the best in outdoor patio furniture cushions, umbrellas, throw pillows and even pet beds for over 30 years. All products are hand made by seasoned, expert cushions makers. Gold Crest cushions are manufactured using only high-quality Sunbrella® fabrics and high quality cushion materials available. Our Adirondack chair cushions are made to resist and withstand the blazing sun during the summer as well as the snow and rain in the winter.



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20 X 50.5 X 2


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